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Grays Bay Road and Port Project Project Proposal Filing

West Kitikmeot Resources Corp. (“WKR” or the “Company”), the Inuit-owned and led developer of the Grays Bay Road and Port Project (“Grays Bay” or the “Project”), announces today that it has restarted the Environmental Assessment of the Project.

Since WKR became the Project developer in November 2023, the Company has worked to reconfirm the project scope proposed by the Kitikmeot Inuit Association (“KIA”) and the Government of Nunavut (“GN”) in 2017. WKR has engaged with community, mining, and security users to understand the needs of different stakeholders in this multi-user, multi-use Project.

Based on this work, WKR is filing a revised Project Proposal with the Nunavut Planning Commission (“NPC”), which is the first step in the Environmental Assessment process under the Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act. WKR expects that the Project will require a public review conducted by the Nunavut Impact Review Board (“NIRB”).

WKR expects to file a Draft Environmental Impact Statement with NIRB by the end of 2025 and a Final Environmental Impact Statement in 2026. WKR is seeking to complete the Environmental Assessment of the Project in 2027. Pending a positive decision on the Environmental Assessment, WKR plans to start construction of the Grays Bay Road and Port in 2030, with full operations to begin in 2035.


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